MultiTouch Pack Retail at ISE 2014

Aduma, the company behind MultiTouch Pack, was NEC’s content partner for ISE 2014. We prepared a wayfinding solution for the NEC booth but, more importantly, we also had an opportunity to showcase MultiTouch Pack Retail.

We demoed how MultiTouch Pack Retail gives you unprecedented flexibility in terms of your product line presentation. Instead of paying a hefty fee to an agency for a fixed product presentation you can now use Designer, our touch authoring tool, to change product pricing, add promo messages and much more.

MultiTouch Pack Retail can also be used to stop clients in their tracks as they walk in front of your retail venue and make exploring the whole product range easy and attractive. Not only can you present and sell more products regardless of display space limitations, but you can also increase your marketing reach by promoting the social sharing of your products.

Here is what MultiTouch Pack retail can be used for:

  • Grab and keep your clients’ attention

  • Facilitate on-site product sales and presentation. Maximize your upselling potential

  • Allow for seamless product exploration without engaging your staff

  • Generate sales leads and increase your marketing reach

  • Keep the clients in the store while your staff is busy

    We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on the product so expect MultiTouch Pack to be soon available via NEC channels across Europe and Middle East! And by the way, thanks again to the entire NEC booth staff!

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