What is Desktop and what is Designer. How are they different?

MultiTouch Pack comes in two parts.

The first piece of software is called Designer. It’s a free authoring tool that anyone can download and use on any PC without any limitations and at no cost. Designer contains templates which you can fill in with your own content (such as images, videos, pdfs, text etc.)

The second piece of software is called Desktop and it is used to display the presentations or other applications created with the Designer tool. Desktop should be installed on the PC controlling the touch screen.

What are the required PC specs for Desktop

Here is a recommended specification:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Intel i5 processor
Minimum system requirements vary depending on how demanding the assets used in your applications are.

What are the required PC specs for Designer

Designer can be installed on any PC running Windows 7/8/10

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