Increase student engagement and participation in the classroom
With multi touch presentations, quizzes, media galleries and more.
Impactful presentations for students and teachers

MultiTouch Pack brings a more engaging classroom experience that is no longer just about the teacher presenting to the students. MultiTouch Pack helps you engage all the students and increases the participation levels.

Thanks to Designer, a revolutionary authoring tool which comes free with the MultiTouch Pack, a single one-time fee per screen is now all it takes to enable hundreds or even thousands of students to share their own ideas by creating impactful presentations at home and showing them on a classroom-based interactive whiteboard.

Also, teachers can use MultiTouch Pack to present their existing teaching materials, such as PowerPoint presentations, in a more engaging, interactive format. Using designer is very easy and does not require technical training.

Why use MultiTouch Pack in a classroom?

Lets you prepare impressive touch presentations in a matter of minutes. The software is superbly intuitive and easy (just drag & drop!)

Empowers not just the teachers but also all the students. Each and every student can now create impactful presentations at no extra cost on their own PCs and then share them on a classroom-based touch-screen whiteboard. Teachers no longer have to create content. All they have to do is harness the creativity of their students.

It’s extremely easy to convert existing materials (like ppts) into multitouch format and make the classroom experience more engaging.

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What kind of presentations can I make and when to use them?

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